Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Half marathon training

Today, I ran 4 easy miles and my pace was around 15 minute miles. It was a good run. I had to slow down slightly because my abs were hurting a little. I'm not sure why I get this problem but hopefully it will work itself out as I get stronger. 
Monday night, I went to La Baguette for dinner with friends. It was Bastille day and the restaurant was decorated with balloons. I had a burger and dessert. I had hardly any self control. I didn't eat a lot of the fries and I ate half of that chocolate bomb. Yesterday, I added in a slice of zucchini bread and some frozen yogurt. These splurges are getting out if control and its time to reign things back to normal.
Next training run is Friday and I plan to officially register for the race. Yay!

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