Monday, July 14, 2014

Half marathon training has begun.

Today was my first training run in a 12 week program for half marathons. I'll be following this schedule:
I'm going to modify it slightly because I have body pump classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Hopefully, that won't be too hard on my system. I think the most I can do on a weekday morning would be 5 miles, so that's another adjustment. I'm really excited! This is a big goal! Running has been good for me and this finish line will be just the motivation I need to get into high gear!
Last Wednesday there was an informational meeting with a short run and sno-cones. I loved the sno-cone truck and took a selfie. Too bad the sun was blinding me to death. I will be running the Spirit of Survival half which is in Lawton, Oklahoma and benefits cancer research. I love runs that support good causes! It makes me feel good about spending the money on a race. The race is October 5th. 
Today's run was 3 miles and I had no problems on the treadmill. My abs hurt for a little bit but I managed to get over that hump. I was running a 15 minute mile, which is slow and is my easy pace. The last few treadmill runs before today have been awful and I was nervous that trend would continue. 
I'd like to buy this shirt or make it myself. Haha!

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