Sunday, July 20, 2014

Half marathon training

Friday, I made it to 3.44 miles before a stinky person on the treadmill next to me broke my concentration. He smelled of at least four distinct scents and I couldn't take the last mile. I tried to go faster but my abs didn't agree with that idea and I had intense pain on my right side.

I need to get some better running photos. For right now, kitty photos will do. Yesterday's run was a repeat of the same pain except it started at half a mile. The pain was enough to slow me to a walk. I went the wrong way but caught up with Sheila and she helped me speed up. I went from a 16 minute mile pace to a 15:29. Another four miles in the books. 

Yesterday we celebrated our birthdays and our anniversary. Most of my photos are of the drinks. The drinks were good but rendered me useless today. We celebrated in style and stayed at aloft. Its a nice property. I'd stay there again if the opportunity comes up.

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