Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weight is a funny thing

When I left for the Bahamas, I weighed 134 pounds. When I returned from the two week adventure, I was 137. Shortly after returning, I started strength training two days a week and my last weigh in was 139. I'm usually not comfortable with that weight but my clothes have been fitting fine. Still, I was concerned. To double check myself, I put on the shorts that I worn in the Bahamas. I haven't worn them since I got back and I knew that would be the true story on how I'm doing. Fortunately, the shorts fit and actually fit better than when I was in the Bahamas. I have gained weight from strength training. In my mind, I knew that was a possibility but it became real this week. My goal is to be lean and I'm struggling with the scale climbing. There is a balance somewhere and I am still looking for it. I plan to get a BMI test at the gym and maybe that will help me feel better.

On a separate note, happy birthday to me! Can you believe I'm turning 29 again this year? Haha! I am older but I like to think I'm younger. I subscribe to the belief that age is a mindset.

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