Thursday, February 6, 2014

Two things: the piano and weight loss. Lord please help me!

Very often, I find myself struggling with something and I come here to talk it out. It gives me a chance to think things through thoroughly and perhaps move the right direction. I am working on two unrelated  things: the piano and my weight loss. Clearly there is no relation between the two but I'm spending a lot of time processing both.

Currently, I am playing the piano at church for the junior high and high school students. I've committed to playing every Wednesday since September. There's been some highs and a lot of lows. I struggle with low self confidence because I don't know all the songs, don't play the way that the leaders would like and don't know all the keys all that well. (There's only 12 keys but I have yet to master them all.) One new leader has been added and soon we will have bi-weekly dress rehearsals. I'm for the dress rehearsals but I'm still pondering how I can break this knowledge barrier. I've asked for assistance and heard crickets chirping (perhaps they will reply to my email and perhaps I'm forgotten.) I've taken up flash cards to brush up on the basic music theory. I've watched a few youtube videos. I am a classically trained pianist that needs to know how to finesse music with nothing more than a chord chart. What really burns my fire is that I am playing the right notes but I'm not playing the way leadership wants. Playing chords is easy but adding that flare is not in my repertoire. Not yet anyway. All that I have left to do is to keep pushing forward and trying new things. Maybe someday I will break through and play fluidly with pizazz. 

Dear Lord, please give me and my fingers the wisdom to praise You as You deserve!

Secondly, I have lost weight successfully numerous times but I've struggled with maintenance. I am spending lots of time thinking of what workouts I need and my nutrition. I know that if I relax and stop focusing on this issue, the weight will come back. I can't let that happen. Losing weight is not hard but it takes dedication and if I can't maintain the weight loss, this would mean I don't have the dedication. I'm planning to start a weight loss group for my friends at work, church and the gym. I've been pondering a book as well. I will probably write the book on my blog, to help organize my thoughts. If I can help others lose weight, that will keep me dedicated to maintaining my weight loss. So as the thoughts come. I will be blogging my weight loss journey.

I have a review for a workout podcast coming up for tomorrow.

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