Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Tuesday, I ate six pieces of chocolate and I'm weighing in on Wednesday. I haven't been on myfitnesspal all week either. My workouts are very consistent but if I don't keep my nutrition in check, the scale will show a gain. There's no doubt that the holidays are the toughest time to lose or maintain weight loss. I think most people do gain weight in the winter for two simple reasons: lack of activity (it's freezing cold outside!) and a subconscious need for insulation (it must be subconscious.)

The sabotage and justification does nothing to help me stay healthy. For tomorrow, I'm going to remember portion control. Surely, I can enjoy two pieces of chocolate just as much as six. The sweetness and satisfaction can be found in smaller portions. 

Wednesday is the continuation of my half marathon training. I'll be walking 4 miles in an hour. My long walks have been on Saturdays. I've made it to 8 miles in two hours. I know how slow that sounds but I'm working on endurance and hills. I prefer to work on speed outside but it has been frigid around here. The weather will turn to the warmer side (oddly 30's is warmer than what OKC has had this past week) for Thursday night's Pack Pint run, a 3.6 leisure run through the posh neighborhood of Nichols Hills. (A free beer will be heartily enjoyed at the end, if I'm fast enough.) My training goal is to be comfortable with 16 miles, that way the race will seem easy. I am halfway to my goal!

This post was inspired by my blogger friend, Kristin at Kristin's KNook: http://kedarhower.blogspot.com/ and if Blogger's iPhone/ipad app allowed for HTML, that would be pretty link. Thank you Blogger for not giving me the features I need/want.

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