Friday, November 9, 2012

High Five for Friday Fall Swap Reveal

Its high five for Friday and I couldn't be more pleased that I survived another week. This week, I get to reveal some goodies from the "It's the Great Pumpkin Swap" sponsored by my favorite bloggy friends Kristin of Kristin's kNook and Allie at A Day In a Joyful Life. Kudos to both of you for creating a fun swap. My swap buddy was Mei at Diary of a Fair Weather Diver. We had a lot of fun getting to know each other and Mei was so kind to send a little toy for my kitties. Chomps enjoyed the catnip immensely. Please go check out these beautiful ladies blogs and tell them I said hi. (Whenever my hubby is on the phone with his friends or family, I always tell him to say hi for me while he's talking. He doesn't like it but most times he will say "Esther says hi." Hahaha! Really the only person I crack up is me, I'm not that funny to anyone else.)
On a separate note, tonight is the Red Dot Auction at IAO. Hopefully, my photo will get sold and help raise money for this lovely art gallery in downtown OKC. Thanks and please stay tuned for Silly Saturday.


  1. the red leaves are so pretty! we dont have many of those here in Bama. xo annalizbeth

  2. I'm so glad your kitty liked it!

  3. Any blog friend who sends Starbucks is a blog friend of mine.
    Thanks so much for joining up, Esther! :)


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