Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I am not one of those people who eats perfectly healthy 100 % of the time. I am sure there are people who do crazy stuff like that. There is a possibility that I eat healthy 75% of the time.  The diet is thrown out the window Friday night and Saturday night most every weekend.  Then there's the baby cheats.

Baby cheats? you ask.

For example today at lunch I ordered a side salad from Chick-Fil-A. There was a little bit of cheese and I ate it even though I said I was swearing off dairy for now. Earlier in the day, there was a bag of fun size peanut MMs. I ate that too. In the scheme of a day, I would not say the diet was ruined because that was baby cheats.  Baby cheats happen nearly every day. That's where the 75% comes in.

I pondered this while taking Sally Hansen's Salon Effects off my nails. The packaging said regular nail polish but that took an obscene amount of time to remove. I would definitely use it again but next time pay full price and get a color I actually like.

These are my random thoughts for today and nothing was sponsored. Have a good night and day.

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