Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Machine

This blog is inspired by my shrinking confidence in my experience, my education, my strengths, and my network. Finding a job is demeaning. Finding the right job is worse than finding a needle in a haystack.

I have deemed job hunting The Machine. We are all pieces in this machine. The human resources department for thousands of companies is constantly sifting through thousands of resumes. Each applicant is another widget in the machine and sadly has very little control over their future of their career. Each manager is a sprocket in the machine incapable of finding the right candidate to fill the opening.

Thinking about The Machine is depressing.  It leaves little hope for the little guy looking for something better. My tiny silver lining is that I have a job. Its not a great job. It pays less than the last one and is essentially the same tasks that I hated in the last job. So much for moving ahead in the career world.

My pessimism is compounded by the fact that I didn't do anything wrong. I played by the rules. I found contacts and gave them my resume. I have nothing to show for my work. I expect that I will find that needle and I expect it will take a long time.  

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