Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kirby's blog post

Kitties don't blog but if they did it would be like this post.

"Yawn" and stretch. According to my calendar, its time to get up at 5am because that's when my human companions get up. There's no sleeping in on a Saturday. I better walk around and yell loudly to get them going. Nobody's going to get a late start. Finally, they got up and I'm going to take a cat nap for many hours.

Now that was quite a good nap. I don't know what those humans are up to but I want to play. I better walk around and yell loudly to get their attention. Hmm, they misunderstood me and gave me an early dinner. That's ok. I can play later. I love eating a delicious dinner of crunchies and wet food.  I hear something interesting in the living room, I better go and investigate. There's a curious red dot on the floor and I can't quite figure out what it is. On top of that, I can't seem to ever catch it. I'll keep trying because there's a chance I could get lucky.

Whew, I'm getting pretty tired and its late. I better take another cat nap. Uh-ho, I slept too much. I know its completely dark in the house but I better walk around and yell as loudly as I can to make sure there's no strangers in the house. What's that I hear? I better go to the bedroom to investigate and then I can go back to sleep. zzzzzz

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