Monday, January 31, 2011

Blogging for me

Today’s rating is Positive.

I am blogging to keep myself honest about how I feel. When I look back at 2010, there were not enough positive times in my life. I couldn’t laugh, I was stressed, I had headaches, and I hated just about everything in my life.

I am learning about myself. After reading some books, I can see where I run into problems. I’m a first-born and I’m constantly looking for perfection. I’m hypersensitive to most everything that goes wrong. Add in some loneliness and there’s the recipe for 2010’s misery. Now I can see where I’ve gone wrong. The true test is if I have learned how to get past these innate personality quirks. The test isn’t over yet but so far I am doing good. THANK YOU GOD!

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