Monday, September 19, 2016

Red Earth Brewers

As I headed to the Red Earth Brewers club meeting, I seat belted my beer in for safety reasons. When I was pouring it, there was quite the mess. 
The current theory is that my pumpkin may have over carbonated the beer with its sugars. Still, the flavor profile was spot on.
We weren't the best at snacks this time but there was plenty of beer to try. Some of it was commercial and some were home crafted. We then had elections for our board. The member at large had 4 candidates. 
I can't remember who won, even though I stuck around for the announcement.
I gave this buddy a bottle to enjoy. I also asked about my next plans to brew. I've got cider plans and I wanted to make a lager. The lager will most definitely have to wait, as a fridge is necessary. I'll be making the cider this week because I hope it will be ready in time for a beer festival. 
The meeting was great and I look forward to next month!

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