Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hank's Coffee and Wine

In the heart of Midtown is a new coffe bar called Hank's. They haven't officially opened yet but I was able to sneak in for a drink or two. 
The logo is cute! 
I managed to pick the most expensive glass of wine possible but it was fabulous. The stemware was heavy and not what I expected from a wine bar. 
The decor was modern and clean. 
They had snacks but we were headed to Waffle Champion's waffle window. 
They work with local coffee bean roasters to have special coffees available. 
The double espresso was spot on and the owners hired experienced baristas, which sped up the opening process. 
This guy is not the owner but he's one of the cool baristas there. Since I'm just down the street, I foresee many coffees and wines in my future. Sorry, I can't remember the cool barista's name. He'll remind me next time I'm there and I'll update the post. 

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