Saturday, July 23, 2016

Run streak and whiskey cake!

#runstreak day 4! I #ran #intervals today and it was #awesome! The #pace ended being rather slow but I had a great time running with Robin and Caroline from @runhers! My #injuredankle managed well and I'm going to keep the intervals going. We went 3 miles today and I'll stay there until August because that's when half marathon training will begin. @route66marathon I'll be there!
Last night we went to Whiskey Cake for the first time and definitely enjoyed our meal. I started out with a Sazerac and Blue had a Moscow Mule, which wasn't on the menu but they had no problem making it. 
For the appetizer, we split the duck wings. The sauce on the side was a tiny bit too spicy for me. The wings were good and saucy. 
I don't remember the name of this drink but there was bourbon, honey, champagne and a drunken cherry to top it off. Oh yeah, I loved that drink!
We split the basic burger and I was happy with the temperature. Most places in OKC love to over do it on burgers. We always ask for medium because we will still end up with a well done burger. I would have preferred fries over the chips but I didn't think to ask. 
They had wine on tap! This was one of the Cabernet Sauvignon that they serve. 
To top off the night, we had whiskey cake and it was heavenly! The cake was soft, moist and tender. The topping was crunchy walnuts with brown sugar. Eventually, I found the fresh whipped cream. I wanted to just eat that out of the bowl but I suppose that's frowned upon at restaurants. Also, this was an easy uber ride and under $6 both ways. With all those tasty drinks, an uber is a necessity. 

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