Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Five

I'm doing a little iPhone photo dump with captions. It's a fun exercise in what I take photos of. My guess, food is top. 
Lunch is a taco of buffalo chicken, spinach, and a laughing cow cheese on a whole wheat tortilla. It was awesome!
Today's workout was body pump at Gold's. I pumped it pretty hard, especially the biceps. 
Last night's dinner was Tuckers onion burgers but I had a mini turkey burger with no onions, no cheese, no bacon, no mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoe, and pickle on a lettuce bun with a mini fry. That was the last free weekday beer. August will be drinking only on Friday and Saturday. I better lose weight because that is a huge sacrifice!
Yesterday's lunch was the same as today minus the carrots. I ran out of those crunchy sweeties. 
I had a great time playing piano for my church! I had practiced and I was ready to jam! The set was almost perfect. I managed to slip in a few wrong notes. #oops 
And that's pretty much my normal week from Friday lunch back to Wednesday night. How does your iPhone photo dump look?

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