Tuesday, June 14, 2016

#fail and #winning

I thought I was helping Ryan Christopher sell art and find beta readers. The result was an unhappy husband. #nevergonnawin
I finished myfitnesspal diary yesterday and I was under my calories. Too far under. The app yelled at me (not really) and refused to tell me my projected weight loss. #rude
#winning. I made it to the gym in time to catch the sunrise and a good workout. #anklegate is still an issue but it doesn't hurt that much. 
#winning I'm still on track with my 7 day challenge. Blogging, tracking calories, and reading the bible. I haven't gotten registered for global entry but that should be tomorrow. 


  1. I hope your ankle continues to heal, there is nothing worse than being in pain even if it's a little.

  2. You are rocking it! Why did the husband get angry? His time of the month bahahahah?


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