Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tent saga

We ordered a tent from REI and we forgot to use our coupon code that would save us $80. We called customer service but they wouldn't apply the coupon, so we ordered a second tent with the code. Our thought was we'd be able to easily return the other tent. When it arrived, we found there was no free shipping return label. So, we drove 3 hours to the closest REI, returned the tent with no problems and shopped. I have a new dress, backpack, water bottle and waterproof case for my phone. Then we drove 3 hours back home. It is a mansion of a tent with two bedrooms and a porch. I can't wait to camp! There's no picture because we haven't set it up yet. 
I ran 3 miles today with my running buddy, Brittany. We realized that we are both registered for the Route 66 half. We will train together and probably run together. It's a very hilly course but it's fun with tons of support. 
This was the view from our room. This winding river pool is lots of fun to cruise around in. There's no bar but we had beer in our room. We just grabbed a few of those and had a good time. 
Cheers to Saturday! #amiright?

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