Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Friday!

I'm taking a cue from Kristin at Stuff and Things. I've diligently been reading her blog since 2012. It doesn't seem that long though. 
Daily life can be interesting and she challenged herself to blog everyday in May. I was in Barbados when that started (at least I was in my mind! We got there May 3rd!) 
I agree daily life should be documented. But I'm also wanting to fully recap my trip. So I've been combining things. 
Last night I ran and walked 3.5 miles, which was great. Good weather and good tunes. Next time, I'll hang out with friends to chat. 
I wanted to document all the yummy food from my trip! The sushi place had a cool chef from the Philippines named Gilbert. He made special sushi that was spicy for hubs. 
We went there multiple times and his sushi was the perfect night snack. Thanks Gilbert! 

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