Sunday, May 15, 2016

Goals revisited and a catamaran

My goal is to run 1000 miles this year. I'm completely off track from that, only logging 41 miles. Fortunately, I'm feeling some healing in my ankle. Yesterday's 3 mile run felt great!
My other goal is to read the bible every day. I'm very successful here. While I may have skipped a day, I was able to catch up with no problem. 
Every trip has a funny story or two. This story involved me and a catamaran. Our room came with a free catamaran dinner snorkel cruise with Cool Runnings II. The first spot had sea turtles and the boat crew was feeding the turtles to keep them around. As we headed back to the boat, Ryan got up with no problem. I was right behind him but had a hard time getting my flippers off.
I slowly floated away from the ladder. Ryan had to climb back down and he asked me if I was doing ok. I nodded but I got closer the the boat edge. Too close. I flipped out and around, pushing my feet on the boat to propell myself back to the ladder. Someone had to pull me closer to the ladder as well. Then I got my flippers off and went up the ladder. 
We joked about that for the rest of the trip. Who am I kidding? We are still laughing about it. 

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