Monday, March 28, 2016

Regional Food Bank Chef's Feast

I managed to sneak my way into pouring my beer at the annual fundraiser for The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. It was tons of fun to share my beer with the general public. I even had folks come back asking for seconds and thirds!
There were ice sculptures everywhere and tons of food! I ate too much, haha!
I'm brewing another batch of this beer with significantly more Liquid Malt Extract. I have high hopes. Currently the yeast is still at it. 
At the end of the event, awards were handed out and I was exhausted. At this point, my ankle injury was a week into the healing process.  All that standing was tough. Now all this resting is tough. I managed to stay within my calorie goal. That was not easy to do considering I'm used to more calories with all my cardio. I will heal eventually. My last beer event is being a steward for quarterly competitions in the club. I'll get that up tomorrow. 
Ice sculptures are so much fun to photograph!

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