Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stuff and things

Linking up a little late with my girls Joey and Kristin
Tuesday was the vegetarian dinner at Picasso Cafe. It was not their best showing. Hence, no full blogpost on it. 
At tonight's pack pint run, I rolled my ankle. It hurts and I probably need Advil. I'll tough it out for now. I still managed a solid 13 minute mike!
Then it was Red Earth Brewers club meeting. We are all preparing for Mashed In. It's a home brewing exhibition. Tickets are free and everyone shows off their beer. 
I brewed a blonde ale on February 7th and I've dubbed it Blonde Moment. 
I have discovered scheduling conflicts, the keg needs co2, the keg needs to be in the fridge. Also, I need a keg. 
Fortunately, the club is capable of making sure Blonde Moment makes it to Mashed In on February 28th. 
Fingers crossed. I got to meet a fellow OKC blogger at the club meeting today! Nick from the Thirsty Beagle is writing on changing Oklahoma's liquor laws. It's an interesting subject and apparently there is klout and money being thrown into lobbying efforts. 
I guess I need to vote or call someone. 

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