Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Paris recap, Christmas Day!

Starbucks was the right start to our holiday. From there we made the long climb up to Montemarte. All the restaurants were open and we had plans for a good big meal. 
First is the wine and bread. 
Then we split the French onion soup!
There was a leg of lamb on this plate. I ate it before photographing it. #oops #bloggerfail
Double espresso rounded out the feast. 
Nice little sunset. 
On our way back, we stopped for a beer and facilities. 
I was looking for bread at the time and a lot of places were closed. 
Before heading back to the room, we made another pit stop at Hard Rock Cafe. 
We had a good time! I'm not sure how I managed to takes selfie with my eyes closed. 
We were successful in finding croissants and we enjoyed our Christmas present. This is top notch champagne. We had a fabulous Christmas! We walked 17,500 steps. 

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