Monday, January 4, 2016

Paris recap day 4

We attempted to find Starbucks but was skunked. I thought it was underground but at any rate the garden where it was to be found was most definitely under construction. Nelson Mandela garden. We found this little coffee shop with free wifi and settled on that. We were quite turned around and there were extra steps involved. 
We were headed to Montemarte, it's at the top of a hill and Espace Dali was there. The museum was small but I loved all the melting clocks. Dali looked like he was quite the character. 
After climbing the mountain, I needed more coffee. Fortunately, there was free wifi and Starbucks right behind the museum. From there we wandered over to the Basilica of Montemarte. What a sight! 
We walked through the church and found it to be impressive inside as well. They hold services there but I wasn't interested in a sermon in French (or English really.) For 6 euros, you can climb all the stairs to the top and have a unobstructed view of all of Paris. 
We are both afraid of heights and it was scary. 
I found the Eiffel Tower! After snapping the pics, we carefully headed down. It's a giant spiral staircase that has you going around and around and around. It had a dizzying affect. 
We had our portrait done by one of the many artists in residence there. Francois stopped me and had to draw us. Then he wanted 150 to 200 euro. I was able to get him 150 and he was pleased. 
We sat enjoying the meat plate, the wine, the bread and the people watching.
Then capped the feast off with a Nutella crepe and coffee. 
I snapped a pic of the napkin because I liked the location and the staff was friend,y. 
Shameless selfie with their Christmas tree upstairs. 
We went to Crazy Horse later that night and enjoyed their champagne. Good show and good drink! This was the one time we used a taxi to get to and from our destination (besides the airport).
When we got back from the show, we decided a few more drinks was a good idea. That's mulled wine.
And he had beer. The service was French. That means they don't come quick or often. I'm guessing its cultural because so many people will order a 2 euro coffee and chat for hours. Literally, hours. Which is something we should embrace here. There's no need to rush. We had 17,200 steps this day.

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