Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas with Red Earth Brewers

I'm a little behind on blogging but I fully intend to catch up! I have my recent Paris trip to recap. But first, the Red Earth Brewers had a fantastic Christmas party at Anthem Brewing. 
There was tons of food!
There was tons of beer! This is a given since the club is all about brewing beer at home. 
I was cold but should have taken the hoodie off. It made the collar stand out too much. 
We did a dirty Santa gift exchange and I didn't follow the rules because I forgot to look. The price range was $10 to $15. I put $20 on a Starbucks gift card and threw it in with all the other gifts. I realized at the beginning of the game that another person did the same thing. I couldn't distinguish mine from the other. In true selfish fashion, at my turn I picked up a card which I hoped was mine. Another girl came up to me and said she was planning to steal it. I pointed out that she didn't need to because there was another card in the pile. When it was her turn, she took the other card and showed it to me. Sure enough, it was the card I had bought. Now I was concerned that I spent $20 on Starbucks but I got less. I immediately loaded it onto my gold card and came to the blessed conclusion that this card also had $20. I got what I put in and felt like a true lucky dirty Santa. 
Everyone that came had a great time. 
I stayed out too late but I had fun too. Do you brew beer? Or do you drink beer? Feel free to comment and provide your email address to ensure I respond. Too many of us bloggers are no-reply and it's difficult or impossible to find each other. Stay tuned to some Paris recaps. 

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