Monday, November 30, 2015

Pirate thanksgiving and ice

Looking at the photos, I can tell we had a lot of fun! We forgot wine to pair with dinner but the rum was enough to keep us going. 
There was way too much food and I ate it all! So yummy!
Over the weekend, we got quite the ice storm. We lost half a cactus, half of this bus hand the neighbors tree fell into our yard. 
What a mess! Those bent over trees are back up. I think those guys will make it. ABC News enjoyed my photos and asked for a video. I'm not big on making videos but I was hoping for fame so I did it just for that. We also have a couple of lines that came into our yard with the trees. We are not sure who owns these lines and whether they're for electric, phone or cable. OGE will be out sometime to decide. I think I need a bonfire for all that wood. 


  1. Yikes that was quite a storm! Glad y'all are ok! Looks like Thanksgiving was a hoot too!

  2. What an awesome Thanksgiving!!!! But yikes to that storm.


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