Sunday, October 4, 2015

Successful Sunday

Today, I completed 2 races! The first was the Spirit of Survival in Lawton. I had to get up very early and drive 80 miles. 
Pre race selfies always have such big smiles!
The sunrise was enchanting. I ended up running for 3 hours and 59 seconds. I was so close to a sub 3 hour half. There's always next time. 
I spent loads of time thinking of brewery names because I'm rebranding my blog. I've enjoyed brewing so much that I want to keep learning and improving. 
Here are 3 of my ideas:
1 - Half Crazy Brewing
2 - Beached Brewery
3 - Big Diddy Brewing
The first is my favorite because it combines my love of running with my love of beer. I will need to complete Google searches to see if these are taken already. 
I was disappointed because I could have gone faster. Oh well!
The second race was Runtoberfest sponsored by Red Coyote and Coop Ale Works. 
Im still smiling but I am feeling sore. I forgot to stretch and drove 80 miles back home. #oops #runnerfail
Yes, this is my personal slowest 5k ever but it was worth it to cross both finish lines and this had a beer waiting for me. 
We had a grand time drinking the beer and admiring the steins. 
All smiles at the end! I think the stein is ceramic and there is an ad on the back which I will cover up with a sticker. Sorry Bob Moore.
The kitties are cuddling more lately. What do you think of my brewery names? I'm open to suggestions. 

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