Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Me on a Tuesday

If you are reading this blog, God bless you. Like many bloggers I've lost my mojo and like all bloggers I still think I'm entertaining.
We switched the cat crunchies and now we have a sick cat with diarrhea. I've bleached the old litter box and I'm trying to decide if using bleach on the floor will make the cats more sick. I'm grossed out and washing my hands after every task. 
The half marathon training continues and one toenail is gone. Just a little nub is left in its place. I'm praying for healing. Fortunately there's not that much pain. (I also wonder, is it really a lot of pain and I just have a high tolerance? I don't know.)
Tomorrow, I'll weigh in and likely regret the beer from the weekend. Is YOLO really true? Something to ponder on. 
I attempted to work on my Rosetta Stone French but the computer wouldn't register when I was talking. I thus gave up and am now listening to tunes and hitting up the yarn. Yes, I crochet. It's relaxing. I need to relax after all that cat poop.

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