Monday, September 28, 2015

Camping at Lake Lawtonka

We had a great camp site with a nice lake view and view of Mount Scott. 
The first evening it rained and the fire didn't go out! I was really impressed!
The next day we went for a little hike and took some photos. 
Mount Scott was initially closed due to weather but the weather cleared up. We tried to walk up it but that was frowned upon by Rangers. 
To the east, Oklahoma is crazy flat. The campground was behind me somewhere, on the other side of the lake. 
To the west is the wildlife refuge and lots of hills. It's very pretty. 
We had a gorgeous sunset that evening. 
The following morning was a very cool sunrise. At this campground, reservations aren't accepted. Just pick a spot and pay the fee collector the following day. We were honest and paid for our two nights but we could've gotten away with a free night. It was $20 per tent per night. 
Before heading back we had to go to Meers for burgers. 

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  1. What a pretty place!! :) Camping is the best.


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