Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Birthday happenings

Sunday, we bought furniture. Sadly this was where the piano was meant to be but this sweet 1900s library table would not fit anywhere else. 
I call this a pirates chest but it actually is from the Victorian era. 
The lounge is nearly complete with that glass door bookcase, which holds the liquor, crystal and books. 
Monday, I went to lunch with my team and got the sombrero and mangos with my sopapilla. Yum! Monday was my actual birthday and that pin on my shirt says just that. 
I enjoyed a leisurely 10 mile bike ride with my friend and good food after. 
I went a little nuts and had two beers. I love pizza! It's the best food ever! Next up is a party on Saturday but the house isn't cleaned yet. I'll have to get on that. I just don't know when. 


  1. I love that library table.
    And the wainscoting in your house..beautiful!
    Happy belated birthday...your box is on the way!

  2. Happy belated birthday!!! :)


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