Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bengal cats

I was going to write a post about my laziness but I've decided to wait for now. Today's post is about the Bengal cats.
This is Chomps and he is sweetheart. He's capable of making 100 different meows. He's almost 10 years old and he's still coming up with new sounds.
This is Kirby and he's a runt. At times I'm not sure he knows how to be a cat. He has his moments where he wants attention but don't get into his bubble.
Chomps has big ears.
Kirby doesn't have big ears and we think that's a trait related to the Asian leopard that he's descended from. Kirby has a little white chin but the rest of him is dark.
There's two things you need to know about Bengal Cats: they're talkers and very loyal. Chomps is attached to Ryan. Nothing can sway his love for Ryan. Being gone for a week means you'll hear a week's worth of meows in two days.
It's rarely quiet in the house unless they both decide to sleep. Those are moments that I cherish. Both cats have a high level of energy and need to be played with daily. Forgetting to play with Kirby can mean he will wake up at 3 am looking for a game and meowing loudly. 
Lastly, the cats are gorgeous with their spots. The spots are on their backs and bellies. Their legs and tail is striped. We love how exotic they look and that's why they are indoor kitties. Someone would surely steal them if they were outside. 
Are Bengal cats for you? Do you have one or two Bengal cats? I'd love to connect with you if you do. We can commiserate together. 


  1. I just love them, they are so adorable! :)

  2. Your kitties are beautiful, it's true! I think cats meowing is the cutest thing. I've rarely been around cats but when I have been that meow always makes me giggle. Presh!


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