Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Picasso Cafe monthly vegetarian dinner

German inspired fare.
Always start out with a beer of course to wet the appetite. 
The wine was all riesling and I'm guessing that's because those are the happy grapes for Germany. 
This was good. I liked the cream sauce. I thought the beets were tasty as a potatoe cake but I had a hard time cutting into it with my fork. (User error, I'm sure.)
My phone was acting weird but I liked how the photo came out so it was a keeper. 
This German potatoe salad was pretty awesome. I loved the mustardy dressing for dipping maybe a little too much because I ran out before I was done with the potatoes. (User error again.)
More Riesling from Germany. 
This was the best! German pasta with cheese and kale. (Cheese completed my world.) It was a German cheese that combined French and Italian cheeses into one super cheese. It's called Cambozola. 
More Riesling, yum! This was supposed to be the dryer of the bunch but I didn't get the dry notes. I gotta train my tongue. (Time to drink more wine! Haha!)
This was the main course and the chef went vegan. It was underwhelming as a main but I found it tasty enough. (I was missing my cheese!) The dish was called Vegan Roulade. 
Liquor with dessert. It had a bite in a good slightly fruity cinnamony way. (I like to make up words to describe food at times.)
The deconstructed Black Forest cake was heavenly! The richness of the cake was so fantastic that I'm still drooling for it. Yum! I think this was the favorite of the night besides the Cambozola cheese. 
This dinner is hosted by Picasso cafe on the third Tuesday of every month with great service and decent price. They didn't pay me to say that either. If you're in Oklahoma City, it's certainly worth a visit for the vegetarian dinner. I'm not vegetarian but that doesn't matter when the food is this good. 

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