Friday, June 19, 2015

Recap of stuff

Maybe I should link up with Joey and Kristin because this is fitting for stuff and things. 
Working backwards, I went to the Red Earth Brewers meeting for about an hour. I wasn't able to stay much longer because of exhaustion from travel. I had a couple of nice chats catching up. 
I ran 3.5 miles with pack pint run at Red Coyote and treated myself to the burger and shake. I hope I win the iWatch they're giving away. 
Left Alaska and had some disappointing moments including losing my coveted water bottle and being kicked by an annoying kid from LAX to OKC. 
Beer and pizza. 
Shared a Coke with Ryan, literally. 
Blue is my husband Ryan and maybe I am using literally wrong. The bottle says it for me though. 
I got my nails done and I visited the tundra at Hatcher Pass in Alaska. 
Other misses, I left my phone and wallet in the cab back from the wedding reception, cue the drunken meltdown. Interesting, I was able to login to find my iPhone and watch the cab go on another trip before coming back to drop off my wallet. 
Final hit, I drove a Porsche as slowly as it would go. Haha! Skub was disappointed but I didn't hit a thing, including the curb. 
Gotta end with the cute kitty, Gizmo, who is a sweetheart and Skub needs to love her more. 


  1. I am amazed that you got your phone and wallet back. Do you login from a computer? I have the Find My Phone thing on, but I'm not sure how to go about using it...
    Sorry about the water bottle though...Disappointing.

  2. That burger looks amazing, yum!


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