Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Biking with Pizzeria Gusto

I'm more of a casual cruising biker and these folks are more of a serious hard core bikers. All was well though and I managed 8 miles some of which was on my own. 
I received multiple compliments on my bike and I'm not surprised. It's cute. 
Everyone has their road bikes and bike helmets and then there was me with a cruiser bike and watermelon helmet. I did get compliments on the helmet too. Ha!
The bell was quite useful and I rang it through intersections and other reasons. 
After getting back it was time for food and I ordered these delicious meatballs. I met another biker who ordered the gnocchi. 
So yummy! It was a great ride. They do it every Monday night with good weather and meet in the back. I'll go again if the weather cooperates. My only complaint is that I was told there'd be a 10% discount off small plates (see first picture) and that didn't happen. Oh well. I didn't have time to get into that. It was dark and my head lamp was at home. 

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