Saturday, March 28, 2015

Taking root

This is very exciting because we are getting the backyard ready for hanging out. We bought one little elm (not pictured) and these two lovely Loblolly pines. 
These sweet guys will grow to 20 feet high and that's going to provide good shade in the summer. 
This one is a little yellow but we hope it takes root soon and enjoys its new home. Future project include a green house in this patio. We want to put cacti in there and use it as a separate living room in the winter. 
This fun grass will need to be planted. It looks dead but it will grow back soon. 
These cuties will grow very tall but very slowly. I love pine trees because the sound of the wind reminds me of the beach and the mountains. Places that are very far away. Evergreen trees remind me of the great Pacific Northwest, a place I call home. I haven't lived there in years but all my family still live there. 


  1. I love these!!! I can't wait to own a house again so we can plant all sorts of fun stuff!

  2. I love landscaping. We got our yard all ready for grass to be sewn (hopefully later this week as it is raining today). I'm planning all the flowers and shrubs now. Keep us posted!!!


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