Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Severe Storms

I went to church to play piano but I was distracted by the weather. I couldn't take my eyes of the radar. Turns out a tornado touched down in Moore (again.) church was cancelled and I waited it out until it was safe. This is a good time of year to leave Oklahoma. If you're interested, these are tornado clouds from 2013 (shudder.)
That would be the tornado that was headed straight for downtown (which everyone said is weird and actually killed tornado chasers. Yeah I remember weird things like that.) Today, I took no photos. I was holed up away from windows, terrified. 
This is from one of my coworkers Facebook accounts. Do any of my blogger friends live in Oklahoma? Or anywhere else with regular tornado sightings? 


  1. Stay safe! I hope the weather doesn't get too crazy!

  2. We get a lot of warnings, and some pretty serious tornadoes here in Alabama. My sister and my dad both lost their homes to tornadoes in April 2011, and my sister's in-laws passed away in that same tornado. Another one stuck in 2012 that landed in the back of my husband's parents neighborhood and killed a high school girl. I hate tornado season! I have a huge fear/mad respect of tornadoes and take warnings very seriously.


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