Thursday, March 26, 2015

The crown jewel of the week

Over the top dramatic? Well, maybe. Every week, I look forward to Thursday because of Red Coyote, the local running store. 
They are the sponsors of the Pack Pint runs along with Coop Ale works here in Oklahoma City. 
Every Thursday night, we all run and walk 3ish miles and when we get back a beer is waiting for us. 
Afterwards, Tucker's, a local burger joint provides us with a free shake or beer with our onion burger. Today, I opted out of the freebie shake but not the Coop beer. 
Yummy burger with bacon. Today, we ran 2 miles and walked the rest. It was a refreshing run/walk but not extremely cold. Do you have anything that you look forward to weekly?


  1. I got in a very small 1.2 miles tonight. LIttle things right? That burger looks....ahhhhhhmmmmmmaaaaazzzzzing!

  2. That burger looks amazing! Today was my rest day but will hit the gym tomorrow followed by a quick 2 miles and then we have a 10k on saturday. :)


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