Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shocker, I lost weight

1 - I started a post yesterday and the blogger app deleted it. Awesome. 
2 - I lost 4.8 pounds in one week. Redemption from the last two weigh-ins? The scale was a jerk for two weeks? Yes and yes. I'm happy to proclaim my holiday weight gain is off. 
3 - I successfully limited my beer drinking to two beers on Friday, two beers on Saturday and two beers on Sunday. That is not counting the mixed drinks, by the way. 
4 - The weekend had glorious weather for a backyard fire. 
5 - My half marathon training has been great! Saturday, we ran 8 miles! Boom! No post run selfie this week. I forgot. Here's my sweet breakfast. 
6 - My volunteer work consists of playing worship music for high schoolers and dealing with feelings of inadequacy on multiple levels. And trying to rein in my inner control freak. Every week, I come and struggle and I have seen no improvement (surely there must be some improvement but I can't see it.)


I love all comments, questions, and positive feedback. Constructive criticism is questionable. Joking, a little. :)