Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weighing in and half marathon training

Selfie from Thursday night's Pack Pint run:
I found another pound today. In a minute you'll figure out why by checking out the photos in this post. It's only 66 days until Sandals Reunion Week! Sunday, I stepped on a curb wrong and I've been walking to let my ankle heal. Walking feels fine and I've been getting in my miles according to the training calendar. I plan on getting back to running Saturday. I worked out for about 20 minutes with a gym friend and now I can't sneeze or laugh without hurting. Haha! Onto the pics!
Reason #1 for gaining 1 pound:beer. 
Reason #2 for gaining 1 pound:cheese with the pretzel. 
Reason #3 for gaining 1 pound:baby beer. 
Reason #4 for gaining 1 pound:hot dog and fry. 
Reason #5 for gaining 1 pound:beer Sunday. Maybe this weekend will be different. It looks cold and may motivate me to stay home. I think I'll still find beer. 

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