Sunday, December 28, 2014

Forward momentum and buttermilk coffee cake

It's officially 96 days until our trip to Antigua. Besides that, it's 12 weeks until the Go Girl half marathon in Oklahoma City. I'll start training tomorrow and I need to pay my friend back for the race registration. Here's our training plan courtesy of my running coach at Runhers. 

I have to miss this Saturday for work and my reward is to get Wednesday and Thursday off this week. It's a weak reward but I must accept it. 

I've been battling some sickness and I hope to have this thing licked today since I have work tomorrow. It's been all over me so there's no where left to go but out. 

I decided to make buttermilk coffee cake and bring it to work tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoys it. This is my mom's recipe and her gorgeous handwriting. 

Before going into the oven. 

Final activity to look forward to is brewing some beer. I plan to start buying supplies this week. 

What are you looking forward too?


  1. That coffee cake looks divine!!!! Yum!

  2. That looks amazing! I hope to see you this week! Let's talk NYE plans :)

  3. That coffee cake looks on point. Must try soon :)


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