Thursday, October 9, 2014

The journey, #halfmarathontraining

I had another picture in mind but this will do. Apparently the photo stream doesn't feel all photos belong. 

Just like losing weight, I've discovered that running is a journey that never ends. I will always find another goal and another race. I can cross the finish line, recover, and get back out there. As long as I take care of my body, I can keep running. Besides running, there's also walking, which is am equally a big fan of. 

I've also recently discovered that my weight loss goals have morphed into training goals. I need good nutrition to fuel long runs. The scale has not been kind to me but my clothes remind me that things aren't so bad. I fit into my current 6s and 8s. I remember the days of 12s and 10s. If I think about it, I high school I was 16/18. Thankfully, I chose a different healthier path.

While my goals have shifted, the journey does not end. I just have to remember to celebrate my successes. Tonight was my first run back at it and it felt great! Saturday is looking to be soggy in Oklahoma City. Bring it weather, I'll be ready.

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  1. This is great! Keep running & making those training goals! I love 'training goals' versus 'weight loss goals', it's much easier for me to feel motivated!


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