Saturday, September 20, 2014

Half marathon training update

But first, I went to the fair....

And I ate a giant turkey leg.

Today's run was 11 miles and it was tough! I powered though until the finish. I know there was lots of running and some walking but my average ended up at 13 minute miles. I'm super pleased with that..

I found a nice sunrise while I was running. I had to walk to take the photo though. I don't think running and taking photos is a good combination. I enjoyed water and Swedish fish for my fuel during the run.  I've tried the gu and I'm not sold on it yet.

After the epic run, I treated myself to a chocolate, salted Carmel banana smoothie with whip cream. It was heavenly!


  1. Good job with your run! 11 miles can be tough!! :)

  2. Great job on your run, you are a rockstar my friend! :)


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