Monday, August 18, 2014

Half marathon training update & A weekend recap

Looking at my posts, I've realized, just now, that I have been on the same title for quite some time. Then again, training takes up lots of time and energy. Today, I ran 3 miles. I'm hovering around the 15 minute miles. I need to find some speed one of these days. Haha!

Last weekend, the inlaws visited, which was a first in over 10 years. We got caught up on events and we introduced them to Oklahoma City. Friday, we spent hours at the Toyota dealership because somebody felt the oil had to be changed. Then lunch at Cafe Plaid in, Norman Oklahoma, across from the university of Oklahoma campus. Dinner was delicious at the Picasso cafe in the Paseo district.

We went to the myriad gardens and the museum of art o Saturday.  Sunday was their 40th anniversary and we had a great dinner at Redrocks Canyon Grill. We ended the weekend with a gorgeous sunset over Lake Hefner (I do most of my long runs around this lake). Hopefully, they appreciated our hospitality and will come back to visit soon.

Me and Kathy.

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