Friday, June 6, 2014

High Five for Friday!

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1- I love Fridays. They are my favorite days of the week. Work seems easier or less stressful and the weekend feels so fresh and exciting.
2- I've been taking workout classes at my local gym and I've been sore in a very good way. Hopefully the scale or my clothes will notice the extra work.
3- I made it out with Runhers for national running day!
4- Beer and summer make me very happy.

5- I have no plans this weekend but to hang out with my hubby and possibly check out the Paseo First Friday arts festival. It will be a good weekend.

Chomps says "hi"


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  1. Never knew I was a no-reply blogger. Thanks for letting me know! I just tried to fix it; please let me know if I did.


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