Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Vow Renewal Ceremony at Sandals Emerald Bay

This July, we will be celebrating our 15 year anniversary. I'm not sure where the time went but looking back, it was clearly flying. While at Sandals for reunion week, there was a complimentary Vow Renewal Ceremony. I couldn't pass up a deal like that, especially with a landmark anniversary coming in a few months. 

My bouquet was stunning and Ryan had a boutonniere that I had to pin to his t-shirt. He was not too excited about the flower pinned to his shirt. We kept the ceremony casual and didn't take off our sunglasses. (After all, it was bright.) We were taken to the golf course for photos and then to the sand bar. We were greeted with live music from a steel drum player.

I was escorted down the beach to my husband where the reverend completed a beautiful ceremony. At the end we were all handed our certificates, nicely framed and signed. It was a beautiful touch!

The staff quickly set up a couple of tables of light refreshments and champagne. We were served everything and chatted with the captain of the Marina. He was an interesting fellow and told us that he lived in Antigua next door to Eric Clapton. He got me a second glass of champagne, which I thought was very nice. I also had a nice chat with the reverend and found out that he grew up in the Exumas and pointed out where he was born, just on the other side of the bay. 

Once we returned to the resort, we went straight to Bahama Bay for a buffet lunch and the hostess joked that I better not forget my new last name! I thought that was cute.  We both enjoyed the ceremony, the photos, and the experience. Clearly, we loved the photos, we bought a bunch of them from the vow renewal ceremony. We even got a special gift from Sandals with our photo package. Its a glass photo collage, slightly rounded so it can stand on its own and I put four of my favorite photos in it. Funny, our marriage certificate isn't framed but the vow renewal is.



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