Thursday, May 22, 2014

Swimming with the pigs and meeting the CEO.


I instagrammed the photo of me and the CEO of Sandals (its a photo of a photo and that's why I couldn't upload it to the blog.) I was quite pleased with myself. He actually hugged me twice but I only have the one photo. Being a part of reunion week, meant that there were extra special activities. One of those activities was an off-site beach party. Not knowing what to expect, I signed us up figuring it would be lots of fun.

The day was not bright and sunny, in fact it did rain on us but that did not dampen our fun. There was a boat taking guests out to the other island where the swimming pigs live. I had to be on the first boat of course. I was so excited for the experience and I've read about them. 

The sun wasn't shining and that made the water look less aquamarine than usual. There were little piglets too! I refused to swim with these animals because they were large and unpredictable. My husband went out and took photos for me.

After that, we had drinks and ate from the sumptuous buffet of Bahamian food. We explored a cave and Ryan snorkeled off shore. There was music playing the entire time with a DJ and towels available for those who decided to swim. The entire off-site party was exceptional and I know why. Sandals is the best at giving you a good time.


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