Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Private Island Experience, Part III

This is the final installment of the private island experience. Are you thinking that you need your own private island? There are many to choose from and some are quite affordable for a week.
Friday, we looked outside and at the ocean. We quickly decided that another long expedition out to the open ocean in the kayak was not feasible. So we kayaked to one of the neighboring islands to hunt for shells.

It was a rocky ride full of waves and wind, which made for difficult paddling. We had been to this island the year before but on the opposite end. This side had a shipwreck, which I thought looked cool. From this island, we carried the kayak across to the other side and continued our quest for shells. There was hardly any wind on this side and it was a much smoother paddle. 

On this island, I found tons of great shells to add to my collection. I did not find the elusive Bahamian sand dollar. I will find it some day though.

Saturday was our last full day and the most appropriate thing to do is nothing. We relaxed. We played Yahtzee at the gazebo, with wind whipping the dice and my hair. We BBQ'd the snapper and fed our leftovers to the fishes at the dock.

Sunday, we had to prepare to leave and a major storm was brewing. Our flight wasn't until 3:30 PM but Noel came to get us around noon. I actually saw a lightening bolt. Possibly because of the weather, our flight was delayed one hour. Besides the minor delay and stormy weather, we had a smooth day of travel. It was that evening that we experienced the moth.

We have decided that April is an excellent time to visit Little Deadman's Cay. The weather is quite warm, there is no chance for a hurricane and the bugs can't land (due to the windiness). While that is a good time to go, we will be back in September. There's a chance for a hurricane and the bugs are out in full force. The advantage is the labor day holiday, which saves me from using one day of vacation. The most efficient way to maximize vacation time is to use holidays. Next up on the blog will be my review of Sandals Emerald Bay in the Exumas


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