Thursday, April 3, 2014

Top 10 reasons for walking

1- Walking is low impact. Joints are not stressed out.
2- Walking burns calories.
3- Walking reduces stress.
4- Walking is good for the heart.
5- Walking outside gives you fresh air.
6- Walking with a friend gives you time to catch up.
7- Walking is good for circulation. (Did I make that up? Possibly.)
8- Walking is good for your lungs.
9- Walking is good for your mind.
10- Walking is easy and accessible for everyone and any fitness level.

I would have a tough time choosing which I enjoy most because I enjoy to walk and run. Today, my foot was hurting in an unexpected spot. I think its time to attempt self-medication. I'll ask my sweet hubby to give me a foot massage. :)


  1. I love walking! However, I am excited that I am okay to start running tomorrow.

  2. I love taking walks with the kids and Mack our puppy.

  3. I love taking walks with the kids and our puppy Mack.

  4. I love walking around places I've never been before. It's a great way to explore.


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