Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm a runner with RunHers

Except when I attempted to run this morning. It just didn't feel right and I opted for a walk instead. For the past month, I have been running with RunHers, which is a national non-profit community based running group. The runs are supported with water stations and currently the runners are preparing for the Memorial Half/Marathon on April 27th. While I have been training with this great group of speedy runners, I will not be running the Memorial Half, because I will be in the Bahamas. A few of you mentioned your jealousy. All I can say is, "I'm not surprised." The Bahamas are amazing. I actually registered for this Half Marathon, all giddy and excited to run my first half (or walk it, I am not opposed to walking.) After paying the $70, I realized that my dates were all mixed up and we would literally be in Nassau that day. Oops. Another $15 later and I will be deferring my race registration until next year (which I will ensure the annual Bahamas adventure does not coincide with the Memorial Half again.)

The RunHers group has been a very supportive group. You don't have to be fast, you just have to go. Its a rally cry in every email that posts the upcoming run location. I had to chant that to myself as I attempted my first run of 9 miles last Saturday. At 7.5 miles, my knees were hurting. I am a chicken with pain and once I determined stretching was not helping, I immediately switched to walking and made it to the finish location dead last. I watch a lot of TV shows such as Naked and Afraid, Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls, Dual Survival and other reality TV. I am not interested in a mechanical injury (as Bear would put it.) I do my best to listen to my body and when I'm not comfortable, I switch gears quickly.  

I have truly enjoyed running with RunHers. Everyone is so supportive, encouraging, there's water stations along the course and there's accountability to make sure that everyone checks in at the end. Its an excellent group of women to run with. I hope you have a RunHers group near you to run with. There is a nominal annual cost of $20 that is not required. I've been meaning to pay it because I believe the group does good work. I'll get to it eventually.

Finally, I made it a goal to run a half marathon this year. I am not abandoning the training. I found a very popular half marathon in Tulsa called the Route 66 Half. I've heard the course is good but I know that it is in November. That's a sketchy month for running. It could be blistering cold or fairly decent. I have the end of the month to catch it at $60. Or I could wait and pay $80.  Once I make a final decision, I will be posting it on this blog.



  1. Good for you ! enjoy the Bahamas, Esther, I will be there with you in spirit

  2. What a great group to be a part of! I want to go on vacation with you haha! :)


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