Sunday, March 2, 2014

Creek Classic in Edmond, Oklahoma

Me after the race.

It was a lovely misty day. The clouds were out and the rain was light (barely noticeable.) I decided to run this race because David from last seasons Biggest Loser was to be there and running too. I did not see my usual running friends but I still saw people that I knew. I looked high and low, before and after the race, yet I did not find David. I saw cameras but David was not there. I will assume he was somewhere because there was a huge crowd. 

Random finish line photo.

I was a bit tired and dehydrated. This was just a 5k and I know that's a length that I am comfortable with. The race was well organized and I could tell that people believed in the cause. The race benefits education in Edmond Oklahoma. Two people told me good luck before the race, which had me thinking. I've never quite understood the reasoning behind it.

After the race, I decided that good luck is an appropriate phrase because you never know how the run will go until the end. I managed to break my personal record. (Is the appropriate phrase PR'd? Please tell me. I haven't gotten all the running lingo down yet.)

Creek classic 

New Year's Day Blastoff 5k

I went from an 11 minute mile average to 10:40. I actually think that I can keep getting faster and I'm thinking that running a half is more possible. (Although I do plan on some walking to keep up my stamina.) While I was bummed to not see David, I had a good race. Let's all assume that I ran with one of the Biggest Loser contestants. After the race, I enjoyed a pancake breakfast and it hit the spot. Please share with me your fitness routines. I'm always looking for ways to spice things up.

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