Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I want so much more for my little blog: to read more of others blogs, to participate in blog hops, to comment and make more friends. I am struggling to find the time for "it all". I haven't read some of my favorite blogs since last year. I haven't participated in a blog hop in months, same for a blog swap. I'm starting to find a really good focus and I'm excited to share my experience. With this new found enthusiasm, comes the struggle. Who will read my blog, if I don't take the time to read theirs? The Bloglovin app and website has not worked well for me. I don't use the computer to blog but opt for the ipad and that does not work well for hops. I can't use HTML in any of my posts because I use the blogger app. 

My day is spent with a morning workout for an hour, 8 to 10 hours at work, and three hours for miscellaneous (tv, chores, activities like church of the pack pint run or whatever.) Opening the Bloglovin app and waiting 5 minutes to scroll to the next page, does not work for me. Clearly, my priorities are not where I want them but can I at least have an app that works better? If you have a good app, please tell me!

Dear friends, I miss your entertaining posts. While I do struggle, I will get a grip and catch up.

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